[GirlsWay 06-26-2020] No Nonsense Nanny

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Dee Williams is a harried single mother just looking for a bit of relief. In an effort to get her life back in order, she starts interviewing nannies to get a bit of extra help around the house. When Bunny Colby arrives, she sees how tired and stressed Dee is. Even so, she is unimpressed by the state of the house and how much of a pushover Dee is! Unless she learns to be more strict, she will always be taken advantage of and worn down. So, before Dee can discipline her family, she first has to be disciplined herself! Dee is shocked but intrigued by this proposition. Desperate for help, she asks Bunny exactly HOW she’s going to be disciplined… Dee’s eyes open wide with fascination as Bunny begins pulling BDSM items from her satchel. Leather collars, bondage rope, a large dildo that Bunny claims is for another day… Although it’s all new to her, Dee is excited and ready to submit. Not only does she want to learn discipline, but have a little bit of fun, too! Dee’s mind is blown as Bunny takes control in so many wonderful ways. Dee is delighted as Bunny makes her eat pussy and even spanks her ass with a paddle. Dee is going to hire Bunny as a nanny for SURE if it means getting even more discipline lessons from her!

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