[GirlsWay 06-25-2020] Kristen Scott Not Before The Wedding

Scarlett Sage and Kristen Scott are about to get married — in fact, they’re tying the knot the next day! Because of this, they agree to stay in different rooms so that they don’t see each other before the big event. Even so, Scarlett wants to at LEAST be able to see her wife-to-be via video chat. When Scarlett starts the video call, she’s surprised that Kristen is nowhere to be seen. As Kristen shyly greets her off-screen, it’s revealed that Kristen doesn’t want to be on camera because she’s afraid of being seen. After all, it’s bad luck to be seen before the wedding, isn’t it?? Scarlett laughs goodnaturedly, reassuring Kristen that that only applies to seeing each other in person! After some convincing, Kristen finally makes an appearance and the two lovebirds are able to enthuse together about their big day. Scarlett soon slyly starts talking about their special wedding night while feeling herself up, clearly trying to make them frisky. Although Kristen is a bit embarrassed and self-conscious when Scarlett starts talking dirty, she’s soon won over. As they lovingly masturbate together, getting hot and riled, it’s just a taste of what they’ll get to enjoy for the rest of their lives!

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