Abbie Maley

Abbie Maley


Wednesday Parker, Snap Abbiev
02-09-1990 (30 years old)
Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Birth Country
Astro Sign
Boob Size
Natural Boobs
160 cm ( average )

Abbie Maley is the fittest hot babe we’ve met in LA. Obsessed with fitness and staying in shape, she’s got a true six pack and an ass that defies gravity. Not really a hipster, but definitely a millennial, Snap Abbie is in constant search for herself. Otherwise know as Wednesday Parker, she started porn 2 years ago when her bestie porn actress and producer Riley Reid booked her for a scene on her site. She liked it instantly and jumped right in. Originally from Asheville North Carolina, Abbie worked as a Hooters waitress for a while before moving West. Los Angeles was her dream city and she felt right at home here. Abbie worked in the film industry and dated a handful of celebrities before discovering her true passion in porn and fitness. Bold and intelligent, Abbie has thrived taming that constant insecurity. She works out religiously, and the only person in her life who she cares about disappointing is her personal trainer. Brunette, big brown eyes, and slutty as hell, Abbie is perfect for the adult industry. Her sloppy blowjob skills are out of this world. She showed her talents with James Deen, in 6 scenes on his website. Outside porn, she loves playing Minecraft and eating at Mc Donalds on her cheat days. Grab your VR and go discover the mystery of that sexy millennial.

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