[MrPov 28-10-2019] Can You Hold Your Nut?

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I’m going to go ahead and say something “politically incorrect”: Skylar Vox is a piece of ass. Just look at her. The way she works the camera. The archetype slut. Big naturals. Blonde. A real Fuck Doll. The Real Deal. Now listen to me for a second: I know how much you guys appreciate The Money Shot, so when Mr. POV walks on to set, his balls are cocked and loaded. He knows to expect that much. What he didn’t expect was the absolute beauty and death grip Skylar’s little cunt possessed. So yea…he had to tap out from time to time, and the final position was…well, pert near impossible. I think the ending makes up for it…and whether she’s going by Dylann Vox or Skylar Vox, she’s fucking amazing. And if you’re wondering…yes, her ManoJob scene is in the can

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