[AllGirlMassage] India Summer, Elsa Jean The Protege 12.17.2018

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Watch Free JAV Porn India Summer leads Elsa Jean through the door to a massage parlor, and Elsa asks what they’re doing there. Isn’t this a weird place to serve detention? India explains that she owns the parlor, and Elsa exclaims that she had no idea her teacher was a masseuse! India explains it was a side job she started in the summer when classes were out, but she grew to love it and decided to open up a small parlor with some business partners. Elsa asks why she’s showing her all this, and India explains that Elsa seems like a bright teen but she just isn’t applying herself in her studies, and India thinks it’s because she just hasn’t found out what interests her yet. She asks if Elsa knows what she wants to do when she grows up

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